Once upon a time, actually it was just before the year 2000, everyone I knew collected something. In your homes as an appraiser, I have seen the result of this national pastime.

The first large collection I was asked to appraise was rolling pins. The client showed me into a room with a huge barn-wood wall, covered in them. Her collection began when she was given her grandmother’s rolling pin. For years she had bought or been given rolling pins of various sizes, colors, material, and age. It was impressive.

Through the years I’ve seen rooms, sheds, and entire houses dedicated to people’s collections of items inspired by found, favored and inherited items. Examples include model trains, dolls, clothing, purses, jewelry, farm implements, tools, nutcrackers, porcelain, glass, pottery, Wedgwood, yard-long pictures, telephones, medical tools, grocery displays, souvenir glass, domestic irons, pink flowers, teacups, toothpick holders, model cars, carved masks, walking sticks, doorknobs, typewriters, corner cupboards, walnut furniture, light wood, Tennessee anything, writing implements, antique books, etc. I could go on for pages.