For example, if you are searching for Precious Moments figurines:

Go to

In the search space:

  • type in Precious Moments
  • At the drop-down menu titled SORT, choose highest first
  • Go to the left (<) side bar, scroll down to Show Only and click SOLD Listings

This search brings the most sought after item to the top and tells you what people have recently paid. Think logically about the information. It doesn’t mean you can immediately ask and get the highest value listed. There may have been dueling heirs forcing value up. Scroll down to get the whole picture of value.

  • I disregard values with a line through them.

Now you can look through your collection to see if you have the pieces that sell for the most money. You’ll also see amounts paid for groupings of the collectibles. With this knowledge, you will be more comfortable fielding offers for single items or the whole lot. Knowing value puts you in the driver’s seat.