Antiques as a Spectator Sport

Antique Mall

If you serve baby boomers, retirees, or senior citizens, a Connie Sue event could provide a distinctive and memorable occasion.  Many people want to downsize their personal property and antiques.  They are seeking the knowledge and tools to move forward with their lives after inheriting even more ‘stuff’.  And everyone enjoys learning about family treasures – how to protect them, store them, or sell them.

Attorneys, financial planners, civic and socials groups, small businesses, employers, healthcare agencies, and the insurance industry all want to show that they are innovators who are looking out for the details that competitors ignore.  Who knew antique appraising would become a spectator sport?  Imagine the fun – smiling clients and friends with heirlooms in hand at YOUR event.  Events have ranged in size from 15 nurses at a health department to 175 investor/clients of a community bank.  Adaptable and easy to arrange, an It’s Just Stuff! event could be your answer to program planning needs.   The cost for antique share and learn events and seminars is $200 an hour, plus travel.


Downsize or Liquidate:  The How-To Course ~

At some point in your life, you’ll probably have to dispose of someone’s estate.  Whether that estate is a lavish home filled with thousands of dollars of antiques and fine furnishings or a modest home and furnishings, it will almost certainly require more work – and knowledge – than you expect.  Through an engaging mix of lecture, activities, and group interaction, our workshop can be customized to meet the needs of a variety of audiences.

Collection of estate goodies

Learn about the items found in estates, including furnituresilverglasswarebookslinenstoolsclothing and antiques.  Find out what you need to do in each room of the house and learn about the tools you’ll need to get the job done.  With her trademark wit and wisdom, Ms. Davenport covers everything from pricing, advertising, displays, supply lists, and sale-day logistics to crowd control and legal liabilities.  Best of all, this course prepares you for the event’s inevitable impact on all your senses and gives you time-tested strategies to deal with the emotional aspects of the experience, including memories, family conflicts, and emotional encounters with the past.

American Antiques ~

  • Have you inherited antiques and you’re not sure what you have?
  • Are you a novice antique buyer who wants to make informed purchases?
  • Are you an experienced collector or antique lover who wants to deepen your knowledge and connect with other like-minded individuals?
  • Are you interested in selling antiques – maybe even opening your own shop one day?

No matter what your antique passion, Ms. Davenport’s American Antiques seminar offers the information you need to do what you want.  This popular course has been offered as part of the Volunteer State Community College (Gallatin, TN) Continuing Education program since 1981 and is now available through Connie Sue, Inc., in workshops held throughout the southeast.  Featuring lectures on a wide range of topics, including the periods of American antique furnitureporcelainpotteryglassprintsbooksmetalsglass lighting and collectibles and often with field trips to antique malls, American Antiques appeals to a varied audience who share a common goal:  to learn more about antiques.  Students are encouraged to bring their own collectibles and antiques to class.  Ms. Davenport’s experience as an antique dealer and appraiser, museum interpreter, administrator and craftsperson brings real life knowledge to each seminar.  No matter what your goal may be – to collect, sell or restore antiques, or simply to recognize what is, in fact, an antique – her personal approach will deepen your interest and whet your appetite for more.

Bring Your Drawers and Sketch Your Legs ~Chest of drawersGive your group a great way to interact with a workshop featuring Ms. Davenport’s skill as a furniture detective. Your participants will be delighted and amazed as she discerns the age, wood, style and value of furniture simply by looking at the drawers from the furniture along with sketches of the furniture’s legs. Put Ms. Davenport in a roomful of curious people toting dresser drawers, wash stands and sideboards – and drawings of chair legs – and you’ve got a recipe for fun!


No matter what topics you choose to create your custom-built seminar, your participants can always bring their treasures to the seminar for verbal appraisals. Modules range in length from one to four hours. We customize the modules you select to fit your timeframe and needs.

ChairFurniture ~ Treat your group to a guided tour through America’s rich and storied furniture history. The journey begins with a look at the historical periods of American furniture, including Pilgrim, Cromwellian, William and Mary, Queen AnneChippendaleHepplewhiteDuncan PhypheSheratonFederalEmpireVictorian, Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Art Modern – and ends at Target and Rooms-to- Go. You’ll learn about woods and hardware used in antiques, along with tips that will help you discern the real thing from the reproduction.  Items covered may include:  Davis Cabinet furnituredining room suite appraisalsVictorian furnitureoak furniturewalnut furnitureEastlake Victorian furnitureRococo furnitureRenaissance Victorian furnitureantique country furnitureantique metal beds

The Linen Closet:  Textiles ~ Discover the history of the fabrics that frame our lives in this presentation, which includes a live demonstration by a master, natural fiber spinner. Learn how textiles move from the earth to the finished product and experience the fragrance and feel of natural fibers.  Items covered may include:  vintage linensvintage textilesvintage clothingantique sewing machinesSinger sewing machines

PotteryThe China Cabinet:  Glass/Porcelain/Pottery ~ Learn about materials, methods, trends, and styles in this module, which also explores the broader social and cultural influences that affected the things our ancestors used when they cooked, ate and drank. You’ll learn about European and Japanese contributions to American decorative arts and discover how the Industrial Revolution transformed the way we eat today. You’ll find out how to identify items, how they were made, where they came from, and how they ended up in granny’s house.  Items covered may include:  American GlassAntique GlasswareFenton glassart glassmilk glasscake platformscut glassTiffany art glassslag glassantique dishesantique chinaHaviland chinaLenox china

Collection of books
The Bookcase:  Books ~ Find out in this interesting module whether or not that box of books for .99 cents is a good deal. Discover how to care for and conserve antique books, learn valuable tips for collecting and find out what to look for on a book’s title page. In addition to learning more about the books of your childhood, you’ll find out why people collect books – which may inspire you to start collecting yourself!  Items covered may include:  antique book appraisalsmagazine appraisalsantique maps

The Silver Chest:  Metals ~ Learn about silver, brass, bronze, copper and aluminum, including identifying marks, construction and conservation. You’ll hear how the Industrial Revolution affected collecting patterns and created widespread opportunities for a growing middle class to acquire items like silver and copper, once reserved for only the wealthy.  Items covered may include:  antique sterling silverflatware appraisalssilverplated flatware

Your Childhood Revealed:  Dolls, Toys & Collectibles ~ Your childhood toys could be collector’s items! This module opens up the wide world of collectibles, giving novice and experienced collectors alike the insight needed to become informed buyers and sellers. Learn how to time your purchases to maximize your investment. Get the information you need to keep track of the constantly-changing market value of collectibles. We’ll study the difference between what’s truly valuable-and what’s merely fun.  Items covered may include:  antique dollsbisque dollschina dollsMadam Alexander dollsBarbie dolls 

Framed:  Prints and Print-Making ~ Understand how prints are made, preserved and restored in this module, which also shows how the emergence of digital technology has changed print-making forever. Find out how prints were made in eras gone by and how to tell if a print is an antique or a reproduction.  Items covered may include:  antique camerasvintage photographs

Lace edgingVictorian Decorative Arts ~ Uncover what makes this period of American decorative history unique. Explore the often-overlooked role of England’s revered Queen Victoria, whose obsession with rules, propriety, and formality influenced styles and behavior on both sides of the Atlantic. Investigate how the Victorian approach to decorative arts found its way to America and how the Industrial Revolution brought the opportunity for a new affluence – and access to more possessions – to an emerging middle class.
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