Antiques & Personal Property Appraiser

Connie Sue Davenport, ISA AM, is an experienced antique and personal property appraiser who has conducted appraisals for thousands of individuals and has coordinated countless estate sales since 1983.  She specializes in large estates and is most often employed by:

Mrs. Davenport also does:

Mrs. Davenport has spent much of her life helping people uncover the treasure hidden in their own homes – and helping them decide how to deal with what they find. She has conducted appraisals for thousands of individuals and has coordinated countless estate sales since 1983. Yet she is much more than an appraiser.  She brings the keen eye of a social scientist to her work. Whether Connie Sue is leading one of her wildly-popular treasure talks, organizing an estate sale, leading one of her jam-packed workshops or appearing on television, her freshness, vitality and wry look at our collective material obsessions never fail to inspire, educate and entertain.

Slag glass lampTo her private clients, Mrs. Davenport is an appraiser, a trusted estate sale adviser, a mentor, a referee and a facilitator. To her estate sale clients, she is a sales coordinator, a manager, a teacher and a coach. She’s an advocate who gently guides her client on the path to finding meaning in their things-and gives them permission to let go. She’s a realist who balances compassion with reality as she helps clients release their grip on the possessions of life. To her students, she is a teacher, an entertainer and a storyteller. To those who attend her popular workshops, treasure talks, speaking engagements and public appearances, she is a trusted authority on the subject of antiques and collectibles. To all, she is a guide, shining the light of experience, reason and compassion into the overstuffed drawers, shelves, closets and basements of our lives. As she helps us dispose of our possessions, she frees us to rediscover who we are – before we run out of space.

There’s a place for everything. Let Mrs. Davenport help you find a space among your things.